Thursday, October 7, 2010


Aset of Egypt......

"Queen of Heaven, Earth and the Underworld"

In Egypt of all the feminine entities Aset (Isis) was
the greatest Goddess of all.

She was worshipped for over 3,000 years from predynastic,
that is before 3,000 BCE up through the the 2nd century AD
where her culture and and many images depicting her passed on
directly to the Christian Mary.

Aset (Isis) was not confine to just Egypt...Her influence
crossed boundaries of race, culture and that of nations.

During the 3rd century BC her greatness reached Greece,
and spread throughout the greater Roman Empire and beyound.

She was the great Mother Goddess of the universe from whom
all gods, goddess, worlds humanity were born and had there

Daughter of the Sky Goddess Nut and the Earth God, Geb who
came from the formless waters in the beginning. The Nun,
the primordial waters and dark abyss as spoken of in Genesis.

At the master school what was known as Heliopolis the On of
the Bible Aset (Isis) belonged.

That is where the original cosmology surrounded her started.

Aset (Isis) was one of three Goddesses during the Bronze Age.
The others being Innanna, of Istar (Northern Sumeria) and
Cybele of Anatolia....Hetep


Wednesday, October 6, 2010


The Hyksos....

Modern historians usually describe the Hyksos as Semitic invaders
from Palestine and Syria who in the early 17th century BCE conquered

History further reports that they established a kingdom on the
northeast border of the Nile Delta.

The Hyksos are said to have ruled their northern Egyptian Kingdom
(Lower Egypt) from 1680 BC until 1560s BC.

They were later to be driven out of the country by a nationalistic
revolt by vassal princes of the Nile Delta and upper Egypt under
Ahmose 1, who later found the 18th dynasty.

The name Hyksos according to Egyptologist has originally been interpreted
to mean Shepard Kings. But it has also been suggested that the name
means "Foreign Rulers" which historians are currently embracing.

This looks to be wrong as the hieroglyp used to denote hyk - the disputed
term for shepard is a shepard crook symbol. so more than likely the true meaning
and translation for Hyksos is "Shepard King"

The Hyksos Shepard Kings were mighty Pharaohs. They introduced the horse
and chariot and fighting arts which were unknown to the Egyptians..

The Egyptian historian Manetho called them Hykshos and Josephus backs this
up with Hyksos.

They ruled from Memphis the old capital, and from Avaris a new capital which
they found in the delta.

Some research indicates that Abraham was possibly one of the first Hyksos
Pharaohs and these were the Biblical Patriarchs of the Bible.

For sure there expulsion under Ahmose 1 some 24,000 or more seems
to be the exodus of biblical history even though the time line is before
the Moses era.

History shows there was a another exodus also during the time of
Ankenaten but the figures are much smaller.

Did the biblical scribes purposely combind these two exodus periods
into the great exodus that we have come to believe in according to
Bible standards.....

The Pharaoh Ankenaten heralded in monotheism. His brother was named
Thutmoses and study indicates he was possibly the Moses of the bible.

So here we are looking at a possible coverup of major importance
created by the biblical scribes who elected to bring in a new order.

This schism was battle between the old school under Heliopolis priesthood
who propagated the god Amon and the new under the Aten heralded in by the
Pharaoh Ankenaten......Hetep


Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The first Egyptians counted by lunar months.

The word month is is expressed by the ideograph noon sign, though this by
no mean helped in dividing time in strict harmony with the regular recurrence
of the seasons and observations of the sun's course.....

To obtain such agreement the early Egyptians tried to get as close as possible
to the solar year.

Taking twelve months of thirty days as a basis, they supplemented them by five
inter-calary days (epagomenae), and thus created a calendar year 365 days, within
a quarter of a day of the true solar year 3651/4 days.

The most noted feature of this first of known calendar was it's adaptation to
agricultural works.

For the twelve months were divided into three seasons the inundation (akhet), the sowing
(perit), and the harvest (shemu).

The first day of the year was fixed at July 19th, whe two great events caught the eyes
of tillers... the beginning of the Nile flood and the appearance in the heavens at the
hour of sunrise of the star Sothis (Sirius).

The "heliacal rising of the Sothis marked the beginning point of an astronomical
era which we call the Sothic cycle.

The coincidence of this sunrise and appearance of Sothis only really exist once in every
1,460 solar or 1,461 civil years.

The calendar could only have been inaugurated in a year where the first day of the
year fell on the day of the heliacal rising of Sothis July 19th (Julian)

In Egyptian history this has happened in 4241, 2781, and 1321 B.C. and A.D. 140.

The calendar introduction cannot be therefore later than 4241 B.C. which is the
oldest certain date in world history......"Hetep"


Monday, May 11, 2009


Deceased king, Tehutymes praised the Source, saying...

[Preserve me behind you, O Atum, from decay, like the fate which you have
ordained for all masculine and feminine laws of nature, for all the animals and for
all creeping things. For each, his soul goes forth after his death and he ascends after passing away.154]

The ancient Egyptians believed that the source of all things manifested through the
creations, it's light via the sun disc, Aten. This light, which gives life to all forms of
existence in nature is called Raa The divine light of the right eye of the Source
(the sun) and the Holy Spirit...

The right eye of Horus, a representation of the sun with the left eye being that of the
moon. So the deity called El or Al is the Ra of the the Egyptian.

Muslims pray in accord to the regulation of the sun, Allah was likely a solar deity
so unwittingly they are praying to Ra.

The left eye of Horus was the dark eye of the deity representing the moon and
in Egyptian it was Ah Iah or Yah the second syllable in Elah (Alah)

So what we have is the Hebrew Deity Elah and the Arabic deity Allah who are
nothing more than the Egyptian reference to the two eyes of Horus, sun and
moon together.....

All forms of existence were made manifest by the power of the Netru (Natural Laws).

There are forty-two natural laws, nine of which are principal laws, called Paut Netru
sometime known as Paut Aat, or the great nine laws..

On the night when the individual soul dies he or she stands within the judgement hall before the
forty-two natural laws or judges and givesw an account of his or her life...

The deceased carries with him or her the book of deeds which is recorded during there lives
and is weighted against the book of truth written by Tehuty......HETEP


Sunday, May 10, 2009


Egyptian Mythology is the root an foundation to to all the traditions weather
Gnostic, Islamic, Christian gospels and all the so called divine books which were
written by man and attributed to the Supreme.

The Supreme wrote the book of Nature and that of Creation which is self evident.

The Egyptian spiritual doctrines relating to eternal life have it's roots in

This mythology is what the ancient Egyptians called Shetat.

Shetat is the science of ultimate reality or to purify the natural to reach
the real.

Egyptian spiritual doctrine contain five principal mysteries which were
imitated by other religions and orders.

Renpit - regeneration, Khepru - Transfiguration, Thethpekher - Transubstantiation, Nehast - Resurrection, Thzi - Ascension

In the book of life you you will find the knowledge surrounding these
mysteries which provides the deceased the road map to vanquish his
impurities and acquire perfection.......HETEP

Saturday, May 9, 2009


There has been much misconception relating to the religion of our ancient
The Egyptians in modern times have been labeled a polytheistic people
Ruled by tyrannical corrupt Pharaohs by Christian, Jews, Muslims and
many others with no regard in accepting the truth but only propagating
there beliefs as the only true way to salvation.

It is acknowledged if carefully researched the Egyptians belief in one
Supreme entity without name, gender, shape or form.

They gave to this Supreme power, which fashioned the earth, the heavens,
the seas, sky, man, woman, animals, birds, insects and all that is between
here, there seen and unseen the name Emen - Raa meaning the hidden light'
Atum - Raa meaning the source of all light, Tummu meaning the beginning
and end of all creation and Eaau meaning a power which has polarized
and expanded creating the universe....

It is unfortunate that the field of Egyptology & Historians etc have mistranslated
the words Neter meaning natural law (masculine) as god and Netrit meaning
natural law (feminine) as goddess.

The text an writings of the Egyptians recorded on monument, coffins, papyrus
make up what has been commonly mistranslated as the book of the dead is
the Per Em Heru meaning Coming Forth by Day or book of life as there is life
after death...

The spiritual doctrine of our ancestors is the most detailed map of life and
continuing of life after the so called death that was ever recorded...

The so called books of the Bible, Koran, vedas etc. are mere distortions
of the spiritual truths and stories recorded in the writing of the Egyptians.

In brief the language of the Egyptians was the Medu-Netru (Hieroglyphs)
the sacred language of nature which embodied the word of the Supremes
divine revelation of natural laws (logos of the Greeks).......HETEP